The ZVT-50 is a linear precision temperature controller. This stand-alone OEM unit, with 50A current capability, is ideal for
high power, closed loop temperature control applications. Using variable on/off bursts of complete mains cycle energy,
coincident with mains zero cross-over to avoid RFI problems.
The Thyristor, fuse, terminals and all main parts are enclosed and it is mounted on an integral heatsink to ensure long life
with reliable high ambient temperature operation. The controller is supplied with a control knob and ZVT scaled dial (0 to
40C). The temperature sensor is ordered separately and is not included with the unit.
Suitable for temperature control of single – phase resistive heaters, ovens, dryers, hot plates and flexible heater mats.


• Microprocessor based.
• Flicker inhibited.
• High speed fuses.
• Enclosed panel mounting
• Control knob and scaled dial supplied.