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T 1120 Tower Product Specifications


A reassuring powerful presence, elegant and functional.

The Tower is the world’s most powerful mobile UVC air -sterilisation system, a plug and play insurance policy against all airborne pathogens, including Coronavirus-2 COVID-19 with a huge 2400 m2/hour capability and the most sophisticated sound attenuation package in the market.

This SENTINELR also has our unique electronic management module that facilitates a covidcleartm environment 24-7, 52 weeks a year. The system is engineered to operate management free for 9000 hours without service or filter change.

The stylish bodywork of the Tower unit is a coated with a tough durable powder coated epoxy paint with the benefit of antimicrobial technology to kill any pathogens that may contact its painted surfaces before being neutralised by the UVC plenum chamber.

Its commanding looks conceal an EPTFE coated close-dose, single pass plenum chamber, an engineering first utilising this patented technology to produce the highest levels of irradiance reflectivity for the SENTINELR 254 UVC emitters, this efficiency gain further drives the absolute Duv (dose) power delivery of the SENTINELR Tower to make safe the air that we share.

The SENTINELR engineering principle of close-dose single pass sterilisation ensure the maximum Duv dose is delivered to the airflow and by removing any viral or pathogen load in the air SENTINELR also removes the potential fall out of aerosols onto surfaces further restricting potential spread, it breaks the chain of infection availability.


UVC Emitters

14 x 80 W = 1120 W of SENTINELR 254. Our own brand mercury vapour fluorescent lamps, 854mm long UVC emitters are formulated to maximise the optimal dwell time and irradiance delivery of 254.7nm UVC wavelengths throughout our state-of-the-art pat. pending plenum chambers. A combination of our close-dose, single passtm engineering design and unique lamp technology deliver Duv figures that we are proud to publish and you can rely on to deliver the sterilisation performance required to mitigate the risks of the air that we share while working together.

SENTINELR 254nm UVC Emitters do not produce ozone.


High Frequency Drives

An important part of the UVC delivery system is the Ballast Drives. Our individual drives are high frequency electronic solid-state items specifically paired to our EMC system and able to operate SENTINELR 254 heavy duty Tungsten filaments and ensure maximum output, reliability and optimise lifetime performance reducing design life degradation of the lamps to a minimum.

UVC Plenum Chamber

This is where the sterilisation happens. Our Pat. Pending extended length close-dose, single passtm irradiation chamber, guides, disrupts and mixes the controlled filtered airflow creating a perfect dwell time in which to deliver the necessary 254.7nm destructive power to the microorganisms passing through. The result is a lethal zone through which nothing with a nucleus can survive. It literally kills all known germs. It is air-sterilisation at the speed of light.


EBM provide top of the line German engineering for our air moving system, industry leading motor design for maximum flow and extended design life. With 3500 m3/h available SENTINELSR delivery of 2400 m3/h is well within its comfort zone for dealing with the static pressure resistance created by our system filters.                                                                                                                                                                     (Performance measured in accordance with ISO5801 Installation CAT A.)


Our philosophy regarding filters is simple, they create resistance and impede airflow but, as engineers we know they are needed to maintain the internal cleanliness and performance of our machines, but we are in the air-sterilisation business.                                                                                                                                                                  SENTINELR machines have a primary function…..To kill airborne pathogens, not collect them in filters. However, whilst keeping our system clean, we deliver improved air quality as a happy   by-product of our specific filter system.

Inlet filters: Airpanel Select FZL, EN779:2021 G2 ISO 16890 DIN 53438 F1/K1 rated. Removes coarse and fine dusts and particulate.

Exit filters: Carbon pleated media panels remove oxidation products, pollens and odours from the air also absorbing Nitrogen Oxides and traffic fume pollutants delivering a secondary benefit to the sterilisation function.



There are no quiet fans, but there are quiet machines, SENTINELR is one such machine and that is by design. There are over 6m2 of closed cell acoustic sound deadening media bonded to the body panels with the fan housing encased in 5mm dense mass loaded butyl mastic composite lined with aluminium to completely baffle and suppress any resonance from the fan housing. The result is powerful high-volume airflows with the lowest industry decibel ratings and a sterilisation system that will deal with your air, without dominating your space.                                                                                                                        The soundproofing media meet the following standards EN13501-1, BS 476 parts 6&7 Class 1, ASTM E84-09, ASTM C1071-05 12.7, ASTM G21-96, ASTM C1104-06.


The SENTINEL black box houses a unique electronic management system that controls the safe delivery of all functions, airflow volumes, fan function monitoring, power delivery from high frequency ballast lamp drives, LED indicator circuits, default settings, PIR detection monitoring, service interrogation functions, warning functions and circuit safety overrides

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