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Single phase Burst fire Firing circuit

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This single phase burst firing module operates on a one second nominal time base.  The zero triggered output has a variable on/off ratio, which is proportional to the manual control signal or dc input demand signal.  Phase timing problems are eliminated, as the opto-isolated output driver stage is self-timing from the associated power device connections.  The burst firing circuit provides trigger pulses coincident with the mains supply polarity crossover, ensuring complete sine wave cycles are passed through the resistive load.  This prevents fast changes in load current and inhibits RFI (Radio Frequency interference).


Virtually all resistive loads including ovens, furnaces, hot plates extruders, moulders, space heating, boilers, dryers, soldering pots and irons, heating tapes, stress relieving, smelting and heating mantles, when used with auxiliary power devices.

  • Fires triacs or thyristors up to 440V 50/60Hz supplies
  • MONO-LINK – gate to gate firing.
  • Universal span and zero matching to voltage or mA control signal.
  • Status LED giving output level indication.
  • High isolation opto-coupled output.


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