Phase Angle Power Module

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This single-phase firing module with a 26A triac, uses variable phase-angle control with adjustable signal matching and has a selectable soft-start option. The power supply transformer is remote for increased reliability and wide operational voltage capabilities. The FC11AL/2 controller governs the amount of power supplied to the load, by controlling the AC supply. A ramp and pedestal input circuit, allowing variation of firing phase angle by DC signal, enables more power through to the load with increasing angle.


Suitable for most AC-resistive loads with current ratings up to 25A when fitted onto a suitable heatsink (see cooling requirements). This is also suitable for some inductive loads such as transformers and full-wave vibrators, for inductive loads a suitable snubber network ( 0.1uF X rated 240v AC and a series 100R 2 Watt resistor) should be connected across the power terminals.

  • Integrated 26A triac.
  • Wide range of control signal inputs (voltage or current).
  • Adjustable soft-start function.
  • Status LED giving output level indication.
  • Consumes less than 2W

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