INTRODUCTION This 6KW ‘Mini Stack’ is available for single phase, 230V applications. Other voltage supplies are also available. The unit can control loads of up to 25A, with a number of signal control options. The controllers are assembled to suit the final load, operating in phase angle mode. The controller comes complete with appropriately rated High Speed semiconductor fuse and an integral heatsink.

APPLICATIONS Suitable for heaters, ovens, dryers, air curtains, hot plates, heating and ventilation. SCR solid state phase angle power handing gives smooth proportional control of all types of industrial processes, e.g. furnaces, electroplating, controlled rectifiers, transformers etc.


  • Wide range of Control Signal Options.
  •  Convection Air-Cooled heatsink
  •  Phase angle control with Soft-Start (0 to 20 sec. delay)
  •  SCR-type (Triac protection) fuse fitted
  •  Installation mounting options:–  Metal enclosure.  DIN-RAIL mounting c/w Perspex cover.  Back-plate mounting c/w Perspex cover