Our temperature controller range combines precision sensing to give powerful output in a compact, single hole fixing enclosure. It outperforms conventional thermostats by switching energy down to half mains cycle packets, at zero voltage, which minimises mains borne RFI interference and flicker. Proportional self-adjustment gives accurate temperature control of loads up to 16A, with appropriate installation and the use of an additional heatsink (see cooling requirements). The controller is supplied with a knob and ZVT scaled dial (0 to 40°C or 0 to 150°C). The NTC temperature sensor is ordered separately and is not included with the unit.


Suitable for temperature control of single phase resistive heaters, ovens, dryers, hot plates and flexible heater mats.


• Microprocessor based control
• Flicker inhibited
• Simple installation – with or without heatsink
• Two voltage and temperature ranges
• Discrete component giving high reliability
• Control knob and scaled dial supplied

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