The PFC2 range of Capacitor switches provide optimised switching and control of three phase capacitive loads for Power Factor Correction, suitable for a three phase supply using the two-leg control technique. Signal control is by a DC signal. They incorporate an automatic resetting temperature trip fitted to the heatsink. They also have an integral semiconductor power fuses. The four models in this series include the 30kVAR, 50kVAR, 80kVAR and the 100kVAR models, all of which are fan cooled.


Used where surges/spikes in Power Factor is an issue, such as welding plants, manufacturing sites, wind power, oil & gas plants, chemical plants, factories, car assembly and many more.


• Fan activated.
• Variable delay timer settings.
• Enclosed or panel mounted.
• Can be used with or without chokes.
• Alarm relay, temperature sensor loss & fault condition.

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