Phase-angle power controllers generate radio frequency interference (RFI) during each half-cycle of the mains waveform when the power is switched on. In sensitive applications this interference, or interaction with other equipment, must be suppressed to comply with the Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 1992 (SI 1992 No.2372). Appropriate suppression may be achieved by the addition of a series choke and capacitor network incorporated in a filter module. The F-type series filter modules have been manufactured to complement the UAL range of phase angle power controllers.


Ideal frequency converters for motor drives, power supply units, DC, medical and telecommunication applications. Used as a type filter for CSR, QVR, AVR & STOM 1 phase angle.


• 4mm Mounting holes.
• Rugged and compact.
• Integrated RFI network.
• Voltage range 110v to 230v.
• 70° maximum operating temperature.

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