CSR – Compact Power Regulator Chip; capable of controlling single-phase mains driven loads of up to 15A.
TPSR – High Power Phase Angle; solid-state temperature controllers designed to regulate the fan speed.
PSR – High Power Phase Angle; controls the phase-angle of the ac supply.
AVS – Compact Phase Angle; power control to resistive loads by using variable bursts of energy.
PAC2 – High Power Phase Angle; low thermal impedance and high electrical isolation.


Suitable for conventional resistive heating elements such as ovens, quartz lamps, moulders and dryers. Also suitable for inductive loads such as transformers, fans and motors.


• Cost effective.
• Compact and easy to use.
• Available in 6, 10, 15 & 25A ratings.
• Discrete components giving high reliability.
• Simple installation – with or without heatsink.

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