This is the Mir Diamond Mine in Siberia. The mine is huge at 1,722 feet deep and almost 1 mile in diameter, it dwarfs the town of Mirny and is thought to be worth around £13 Billion!

United Automation’s controllers are used within this mine, to control the Heating system that blow warm air into the bottom of the mine to keep miners warm! It takes 2.5 hours for a dumper truck to drive to the bottom of the mine, where the temperatures are below 0.

Open cast mining stopped at the Mine back in 2004 and instead underground tunnels replaced this. In 2014 the series of tunnels produced more than 6 million carats of rough diamonds!

It is now said that the airspace around the mine is off-limits to helicopters as it creates a vortex which could potentially pull them into the hole.

This has always been one of our favourite stories of how products made here by United Automation in Southport, UK end up in somewhere as impressive as this mine!!