Single Phase (230vAC) Dual Mode Control

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Single Phase (230vAC) Dual Mode Control
  • A410291 DMPR1-E-12kw 230v
  • A410292 DMPR1-E- 20kw 230v

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The complete enclosed single phase Dual Mode Power Regulator (DMPR) thyristor assembly provides control of inductive/resistive loads of up to 12kW and 20kW at 230V AC.

The user selectable control modes, via the internal switches offer either phase angle, burst firing or a combination of the two i.e. start up in phase angle and then continue in burst firing. The controllers also come with frequency tracking allowing the unit to be installed in many applications where the supply is unstable. There are a number of signal control options to meet most industrial requirements.

All are housed in a bespoke enclosure and have easy access to internal signal & power terminals for simple installation. With Integral semiconductor fuses and heatsink, the controller offers a solution for many applications requiring single or dual mode control.


Suitable for furnaces, ovens, dryers, air curtains, hot plates and many other heating and ventilation applications. Also suitable for inductive loads such as transformers.