Enclosed Style c/w signal input

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Enclosed Style c/w signal input
  • A72260 4kW Fan Controller 230vAC
  • A72150 VAC1-15E (1.6kW) Fan Control, 110vAC/15a
  • A72160 VAC1/S- 15e (1.6kw) Fan Control, 110vAC/15A
  • A72225 VAC2-15e (4kw) Fan control, 230vAC/15a
  • A72226 VAC2/S-15E (4kW) Fan Control 230vAC/15a
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VAC1/VAC2 controllers:

These variable phase-angle regulators are robust, compact and enclosed units for 230V or 110V up to 15A single phase mains driven inductive loads, such as induction motors, fans and pumps. They give fully adjustable voltage outputs from zero to maximum.

The controller has an integrated RC snubber network for control of inductive loads and a minimum set speed adjuster (at the rear) to allow the designer/installer to fix a minimum output voltage level to prevent a motor being driven too slowly.

The large triac enables the unit to handle high inrush currents with ample safety margin on industrial installations. An adhesive backed silver label and hairline knob, are included for front panel mounting (or fitted to front of unit).

4kW Fan Controller:

This 4KW ‘Mini Stack’ is available for single phase, 230V applications. Other voltage supplies are also available. The unit can control loads of up to 17A, with a number of signal control options. The controllers are assembled to suit the final load, operating in phase angle mode. The controller comes complete with appropriately rated High Speed semiconductor fuse and an integral heatsink.