BVR-25 Burst Fired AC Energy Regulator

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BVR-25 Burst Fired AC Energy Regulator
  • A28111 BVR-25-110V
  • A28211 BVR-25-230V
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The BVR-25 series is a powerful OEM 25A ac energy regulator for proportional linear manual control of resistive loads using burst fire control – this is principally variable on/off bursts of complete main cycles of energy, coincident with mains zero crossover. A 50% on/off setting with a light bulb as a load would show even on/off flashes.

The unit comprises of a high current triac (power device) mounted on an integral heatsink controlled by a populated PCB with fuse and connection terminals, all enclosed, for simple connection, maintenance and Installation.

• Integral high speed fuse
• Built in heatsink & mounting plate
• Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) free
• Single entry cable gland
• Control knob and dial supplied
• 110V or 230V models available


Virtually all resistance heaters including ovens, electric furnaces, moulders, dryers, smelters, heating tapes, stress relieving, space heating and heating mantles. Not suitable for use on lighting and inductive loads.