3 Phase, 3 Leg (400vAC) Dual Mode Control

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3 Phase, 3 Leg (400vAC) Dual Mode Control
  • A481831 DMPR3-E-36KW-400v
  • A481841 DMPR3-E-54KW-400v
  • A448861 DMPR3-E-86KW (400v)
  • A448863 DMPR3-E-108KW (400v)
  • A448880 DMPR3-E-144KW (400v)
  • A448883 DMPR3-E-250KW (400v)
  • A448885 DMPR3-E-350KW (400v)

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The HAC400 Thyristor Stack is available for single and three phase 240/415V applications (other voltages can be accommodated). It can control loads up to 200A, with a number of control options. Assembled to suit the final load, with options of burst firing (3 or 2/3rds phase control) or a combination of both burst firing and phase angle (typically, using the FC36M) . All standard HAC thyristor stacks are fan cooled and fitted with thermal trips for added safety.


  • Up to 200A Line current, 3-Phase

  • Fan cooled – optional supply voltage

  • Phase angle or Burst firing

  • Control options: Potentiometer, signal, current, voltage or logic input.

  • Fitted with Thermal cut-out trip (typically 100°C)

  • For use with resistive or inductive loads

  • Optional firing circuits (FC36M or BM-series)

  • HS Fusing fitted as standard


Suitable for heaters, ovens, dryers, air temperature, hot plates, duct heating and ventilation. SCR solid state phase angle power handing gives smooth proportional control of all types of industrial processes, e.g. furnaces, electroplating, controlled rectifiers, transformers, motors etc.