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General Manufacturing Capability

As a ‘design and manufacturing’ company, United Automation prides itself on it’s ability to produce a wide variety of high-quality electronic products, on both a small scale or in mass production.

With products ranging from compact dimmers to large industrial control panels, the various production departments are set up to accommodate many processes, utilising highly skilled and experienced staff.

As a UK manufacturer, all our products are CE marked and the company has ISO9001 accreditation. But as an exporter of a large proportion of our products, we also have a number of UL listed controllers and are regularly audited by the Underwriters Laboratories.

There is a heavy emphasis on the quality aspects of manufacturing with a constant eye on ‘continual improvement’ and ‘lean-manufacturing’ techniques. 


All orders which require manufacturing, are followed through the processcheduling.jpgs with a specific job-sheet. This identifies the customer, order references, due-dates and a Bill-of-Materials. The job can then be scheduled by the Production Manager, using a combination of a card-based Scheduling board located in the main workshop and more detailed information on a spreadsheet-based system.

This allows the company to assess workload, component issues and ultimately meet the lead times offered to the customer. 

Stock Control

Supply of components is a critical aspect of United Automation's manufacturing capability. Finished Goods

Having a very close relationship with our critical suppliers in the UK and internationally, ensures that costs, quality & lead time issues are kept to a minimum. Where global supply issues may affect other parts of industry, we focus on avoiding such situations.

We have implemented and developed various measures to guarantee uninterrupted supply of component parts which, in turn, gives us the ability to offer our customers the service & lead-times they desire. 

Manufacturing Departments

The production area has a number of distinct areas, specialising in different manufacturing processes. 

PCB manufacture

Mainly for through-hole pcb assembly and some Surface-Mount based circuits.


Wave Soldering

For volume production, most PCBs are populated, cropped and soldered using our cropping and wave-soldering machines.


Mechanical Workshop     

Various types of fabrication and engineering equipment are used to machine metal or plastic parts and build mechanical assemblies as part of complete electrical controllers.


Wire-cutting & stripping  

Cables and wires are normally prepared using our wire-cutting and stripping equipment, maintaining quality and improving efficiencies.



Ranging from internal wiring of control products to full-scale panel wiring projects.


Polyurethane Potting

To improve moisture protection and heat transfer characteristics, many of United Automations products are sealed with polyurethane resin.


PIC programming

Many of our products are designed around dedicated software and therefore PIC processsors need to be programmed in-house, in our ESH area.


3-phase & 1-phase testing

All manufactured products require full-testing and therefore we have various areas and test equipment to carry out both 3-phase and single-phase testing.


Finished Goods Stock

In order to support websales via United Automation's ‘onshipping-2.jpg-line’ shop and to satisfy small orders for standard products, we maintain a specific ‘Finished Goods’ stores where we offer items ‘off-the-shelf’ to avoid unnecessary delays for our customers.


The vast majority of our manufactured products are shipped via carriers to both UK and export destinations. The daily shipments, via our regular carriers, range from typical small parcels up to pallets. We also ship our larger equipment via specialist worldwide exporters using dedicated vehicles and lifting gear.

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