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United Automation Catalogue                                                                                                           


Policy and Procedures
SP04.2           Customer Returns Procedure                                                                                                         
SP04.1 Returns Form
SP01.1 Conditions of Sale
                NQA ISO 9001 2008


General Datasheets
X10213     Interaction Causes Remedies (ITA)                                                                                
X10255  Safety Requirements Advice (SRA)
X10322 Stack Circuit Application (SCA)                                                                                                             
X10378 Inductive Loads Remedies (ILR)
X10390 Zero and Span Setup Procedure (ZSS)


Product Datasheets
X10203      CSR A+B Series Power Regulator Chip                         
X10205 PSR-25 Phase Angle Control Module
X10206 QLC-230 Phase Angle AC Regulator
X10207 QVR and QVR-S Phase Angle AC Regulator
X10208 AVR-25 Variable Phase Angle Control Module
X10211 ZVT-16 Burst Fire Temperature Controller
X10212 BVR-25 Variable Burst Fire Regulator
X10215 SAC Series Thyristor Controllers
X10217 LAC Series Thyristor Controllers
X10219 BM Series - BM1, BM2 & BM3
X10221 AFM11 Phase Angle Trigger Module
X10222 FC11AL Phase Angle Trigger Module
X10223 STOM1 Microprocessor Based Control Module
X10224 MAT Phase Angle Triac Trigger Module
X10229 RFI Filters - F155, F165, F175
X10234 ZVT-E-RGT10K Sensor
X10242 DCR Stack - 1&3 Phase Uncontrolled DC Rectifier
X10245 STOM2 Microprocessor Based Dual Mode Trigger Module
X10247 FC11BL Single Phase Burst Firing Module
X10248 FC36M Thyristor Firing Card
X10249 ZVS-16DV Burst Fire Energy Regulator
X10250 QVR and QVRS-RFI-TB Phase Angle AC Regulator
X10251 QLC-RFI-TB  Phase Angle AC Regulator
X10252 HAC-160A Thyristor Controller
X10260 FC11AL2 Phase Angle Control Module
X10261 FC11BL2 Burst Fire Control Module
X10282 CSR1 & CSR2-B and E Series Power Regulator Chip
X10284 TPSR-25 Phase Angle Control Module
X10297 PSR40 Phase Angle Power Control Module
X10298 BMT-3A Three Phase Burst Fire Temperature Controller
X10299 QVR & QVR/S-RFI-17A Phase Angle AC Regulator
X10308 TPSR Thermistor Assembly
X10311 QLC RFI-17A Phase Angle AC Regulator
X10320 LTM -Logic Trigger Module
X10335 DCM24 Motor Control
X10336 SSC-25 Soft Start Control Module 
X10338 UV15D Half Wave Vibratory Controller 
X10342 HW6 110V Half Wave Vibratory Controller
X10345 UV6D Half Wave Vibratory Controller 
X10428 PCE-Series Pulse Coil Energisers
X10461 PAC2 Phase Angle Power Module
X10511 ZVT-16-IF  Burst Fire Temperture Controller
X10522 VAC2-2E-RFI Fan Controller Module
X10526 UV11D Half Wave Controller
X10532 EVR-25 Burst Fire or Phase Angle Power Regulator Stack
X10542 ZVT2-25-IF Burst Fire Temperature Controller
X10591 PR1-E-(1-5_3_6kW) HVAC Burst Fire Controller
X10592 PR3-E-(12_8_27)kW HVAC Burst Fire Controller
X10593 PR3-E-(36_54)kW HVAC Burst Fire Controller
X10594 PR3-E-(86_105)kW HVAC Burst Fire Controller
X10595 PR3-O-(150_225)kW HAVC Burst Fire Controller
X10597 PR1-E-(9-12-18-24kW) HVAC Burst Fire Controller
X10612 ZVT- E Sensor
X10622 FC36MV Thyristor Firing Card
X10631 PR1-DIN-F-(1-5_3_6kW) HVAC Burst Fire Controller
X10641 MPC34A Multi Mode Mains Controller
X10640 BFM-240-25 Variable Burst Fire Controller
X10642 BFTM-(1&3) Burst Firing Trigger Module
X10643 PCR-240-1 Phase Angle Control Module
X10644 BFM-TH Burst Fire Trigger Circuit
X10645 ZFM32H 300 EMC Filter
X10646 ZAX27A Burst Fire/Phase Angle Firing Circuit
X10647 PATFC Phase Angle Triac Firing Circuit
X10652 CM-(FC36M_MV) Thyristor Firing Card Commander Module
X10689 VAC2-15E Variable Phase Angle Fan Controller
X10690 VAC2S-15E Variable Phase Angle Fan Controller
X10693 VAC2-3RFI Variable Phase Angle Fan Controller
X10701 200-HAC 200A Thyristor Controller 
X10712 PR3-O-(300_325_450)kW HVAC Three Phase Power Controller
X10714 PR1-DIN-2.5kW HVAC Single Phase Power Controller
X10716 TAC Series Thyristor Controllers
X10726 Infresco Local Temperature Sensor
X10727 Infresco Outdoor Temperature Sensor
X10728 Infresco-VR-PIR-12V Movement Sensor
X10729 Infresco-VR-H Remote Handset
X10734 QLC-110V Phase Angle AC Regulator
X10735 HAC 250A Thyristor Controller
X10743 HAC 600A Thyristor Controller
X10746 DMPR1-E-(18-30)kW Dual Mode Power Regulator
X10747 DMPR3-E-(36-54)kW Dual Mode Power Regulator
X10756 PR3-E-225_290kW HVAC Three Phase Thyristor Controller
X10759 PR3-E-150kW HVAC Three Phase Thyristor Controller
X10760 Envirostat 4kW FP4I and FP4E Frost Protection Controller
X10761 Envirostat 6kW FP6I and FP6E Frost Protection Controller
X10762 Envirostat 6kW MP6I Frost Protection Controller
X10768 UV2D Half Wave Vibratory Controller
X10769 HW VIBRATORY LAC Series Thyristor Controller                                                                              
X10770 PR3-E-180kW HVAC Burst Fire Power Controller
X10772 Three Phase Filter Range
X10773 4kW Fan Speed Controller PA
X10774 PR3-E-500kW HVAC Three Phase Thyristor Controller
X10784 FC230/10-300 Fan Speed Controller
X10785 FMA3-500 Fan Alarm Monitor


UAL  Manuals
X20004            FC36M Thyristor Firing Card                                  
X20005 FC36M M/MV Commander Manual
X20006 FC36MV Thyristor Firing Card
X20018 Infresco VR-2kW Variable Regulator
X20019 4kW Infresco-T Infrared Heating Controller
X20020 4kW Infresco-P Infrared Heating Controller
X20021 6kW Infresco-T Infrared Heating Controller                                                                                    
X20022 6kW Infresco-P Infrared Heating Controller
X20029 Infresco VR-6kW Variable Regulator
X20032 6kW Infresco-S Infrared Heating Controller
X20033 Infresco-VR-4kW Variable Regulator
X20034 4kW Infresco-S Infrared Heating Controller
X20035 DMFC12 Dual Mode Firing Circuit
X20036 Infresco 1-5kW Instructions
X20055 Envirostat 4kW-FP4ER Reversing Logic
X20070 Envirostat 4kW-FP4iL Soft Start Frost Protection Controllers
X20080 Envirostat 4kW-HC4i Soft Start Frost Protection Controllers
X20083 BM2R & BM3R Single Cycle Burst Firing Circuit
X20086 4kW Dual-Channel Heater Timer and Light Switch

DMFC36 Single Cycle Dual Mode Firing Circuit


PFC2 30KVA and 50KVA - 2 Channel Power Factor Switch

X20101 PFC2 80KVW and 100KVA - 2 Channel Power Factor Switch 


Supplier Manuals
X70003           Ferraz Fuses Range EET                                                                                                                    
X70004 Twin Thyristor Module MCC56
X70005 Twin Thyristor Module MCC95                                                                                                                
X70006 Twin Thyristor Module MCC162
X70007 Twin Thyristor Module MCC250
X70008 Twin Thyristor Module MCC310
X70009 Lawson Fuses MT & MMT Range
X70010 Ferraz Fuses ET Range
X70011 Ferraz Fuses LET Range
X70012 Ferraz Fuses TTF Range










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